Waste water treatments

R&R Water Technology is a major supplier of waste water treatment products and services.

We supply world class  products to treat any type of water or sludge  in any type of system or industry . Our product range consists of ; Anionic, Cationic and Non Ionic polymers with different moleculair weights, each designed for its own application. Next to our polymers, we offer a wide range of highly specific Coagulants and Antifoams.

Our field technicians are highly trained engineers , supported by highly experienced product/application specialists that will analyze your system in detail and will recommend the most efficient treatment program , followed by a tailor made service program .

We deliver products in various type of packaging , from small bags – to big bags of 500/750kg  or for liquids in 25 lt. cans to bulk delivery . We design our delivery program to meet the customer needs.

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