Condensate treatment

After boiler corrosion is a very common problem and is usually caused by dissolved oxygen and or carbon dioxide. After boiler corrosion doesn’t only create problems, like steam losses, repair costs, downtime but also causes iron oxides to be returned with the condensate into the boiler, causing deposition and accelerated corrosion. To prevent after boiler corrosion

R&R Watertechnology provides next to a range of oxygen scavengers and a whole range of amines to neutralize carbon dioxide and to create a protective film on the condensate return line. These products are available under the Reynprotect 3000 /4000 name.


Condensate Treatment products  

ReynProtec 3000 series                   Neutralizers
ReynProtec 4000 series                    multifunctionals


  • Steam generated systems
  • Feedwater
  • Boiler water
  • Condensatev


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