Microorganisms are present everywhere. They can enter the cooling system in many different ways but the obvious point of entry is with the make-up water or via the air.

Open recirculating cooling water systems are the ideal environment for microorganisms to grow as it has ideal water temperatures and pH as well as sufficient nutrients coming from i.e. process leaks or the air.

Microorganisms  are a serious potential problem for cooling water systems, as they are quite often the source of loss of heat transfer, corrosion, fouling and could potentially be a danger to human beings.

As open recirculating systems are also exposed to air and sunlight, one will find that algae will grow onto the cooling towers distribution decks and loovers, creating poor distribution over the tower, lowering the tower’s efficiency and being a source for additional microorganisms problems.

Microbiological product range:

The ReynCide product line is a group of products that is specifically designed to control microorganisms and algae in cooling systems and or process streams.

The choice of product will depend on the type of microorganisms , type of system to be treated, water specifications, pH range etc.  A plant/application survey combined with lab tests will determine the right product selection.


ReynCide 600 series             Oxidizing biocides
ReynCide 300 Series            
Organic biocides


  • Open recirculating systems
  • Closed recirculating systems
  • Once trough systems
  • Process systems
  • Pasteurizers
  • Air washer systems
  • Evaporative condensers


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