Corrosion/scale control

Corrosion and scale formation are 2 common problems in cooling water systems. Corrosion is primarily caused by the presence of water , oxygen and metals such as carbon steel.

Corrosion is an electrochemical process with an electric potential difference between 2 metals or within different parts of one metal. This difference in potential causes reactions at the cathodic and anodic site of the metal . Metal ions will go into solution at the anodic site and will cause iron oxide precipitation , which will further stimulate the corrosion and fouling process.

Corrosion/scale product Range:

The ReynGard product line is a group of products based on a mixture of cationic and anionic corrosion and scale inhibitors.

The selection of which ReynGard product to apply is based on various parameters, such as;

-Make-up water quality, cycles of concentration , system design ( i.e.  type of heat exchangers , flow rate, retention time in the system), pH, airborne pollution etc.

Based on the above parameters one may select a totally organic version, specifically designed for high pH , high hardness waters, or for lower hardness waters, a version containing i.e. Polyphosphate to obtain additional corrosion control. Each product can be used in multi metal systems and has specific inhibitors for yellow metal.

To select the ultimate product for your system, your account representative will survey the plant and recommend the optimum product and dosage levels.

Corrosion/ scale inhibitor

ReynGard 1000 series                       Combined products

ReynGard 2000 series                       Anti-scalants

ReynGard 3000 series                       Anti-corrosion

ReynGard 4000 series                       Closed system inhibitors


  • Open recirculating systems
  • Closed recirculating systems
  • Once trough systems
  • Process systems


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