Boiler feedwater treatment

Corrosion control, for obvious reasons, is essential to prevent  internal boiler damage as well as in the after boiler section, with repair and downtime costs as a result. Corrosion is typically caused by residual oxygen in the boiler feedwater and is the major cause for pitting corrosion as well as a catalyst for other elements induced corrosion. Mechanical deaeration will remove most of the dissolved oxygen, nevertheless there will always be a little oxygen left. To prevent oxygen corrosion R&R Watertechnology  supplies various oxygen scavengers  under the Reynprotect product name. The choice of the right Reynprotect 1000 series will depend on the system design, such as the presence of mechanical deaeration, boiler pressure, steam use, materials of construction, etc. Based on the system parameters your R&R technical specialist will provide you with the right selection of oxygen scavenger to be used.

Boiler feedwater treatment product range:

Oxygen scavengers

ReynProtec 1000 series               Range of oxygen scavengers
ReynProtec 4000 series              multi functionals


  • Steam generated systems
  • Feedwater
  • Boiler water
  • Condensate


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