Internal treatment

Both the pre-boiler section as well as the boiler itself need to be maintained in optimum  condition to ensure continued operation, maximum heat transfer and to reduce overall costs.  Corrosion and deposition control in the entire system is crucial to uninterrupted operation.  Depending on the entire system design a plant may just use softeners to treat the make-up water, which potentially could create hardness leakage into the boiler, creating hard insulating deposits, reducing heat transfer, causing  corrosion, higher fuel costs and potentially damage and downtime. Historically phosphate regimes were used to prevent corrosion and deposition in boilers  but nowadays more modern technology uses total organic products to solubilize those elements that may cause deposition. These type of products are marketed by

R&R Watertechnology under the Reynprotect 2000 series. Your R&R technical specialist will select the proper treatment regime for your system based on the overall plant design , steam use  and water quality.

Internaltreament product Range:

ReynProtec 2000 series                               solubilizing products
ReynProtec 4000 series                               Multifunctionals


  • Steam generated systems
  • Feedwater
  • Boiler water
  • Condensate


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